FPGA Engineer

Jump Trading

Singapore, Sydney
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Jump is a technology driven company, pushing on ultra-low-latency real-time systems at large scale globally. Challenges abound, and you should have a desire to learn new technologies, and demonstrate an ability to solve unstructured problems. The FPGA team works with technologists and traders to provide hardware solutions in areas such as fast networking, high performance compute, and real-time acceleration. This is a fast-paced area, where taking ideas through to deployment must be fast and accurate. We are looking for FPGA development engineers who can help build the next generation of hardware solutions. You will have excellent knowledge of building reliable, high performance FPGA hardware systems. Ideally you will have a combination of skills in traditional RTL development, and complimentary software skills. This will enable you to fully contribute to co-designing hybrid hardware/software applications. As a resourceful individual you will make a difference to our growing company and we will recognize, value, and reward your contributions. We will support your career progression in a well-resourced, fast-moving environment. Together we can make a significant impact and help define the future of trading acceleration using FPGA technology. What You'll Do:

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