FPGA Software Engineer

Hudson River Trading

New York, NY, United States
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Working as an engineer at Hudson River Trading (HRT) means working on a small, highly productive, and efficient team. At HRT, a fully automated trading firm based in NYC, the code you write *is* our business, so it is everyone's job, top to bottom, to make sure our core dev team has everything they need to do their jobs well. As an FPGA Software Engineer you will be working at the cutting edge of low-latency trading, collaborating closely with strategy developers and hardware developers to build best-in-class trading systems. This is a role with many hats; you'll help conceptualize new kinds of trading, optimize low level code, design new APIs, deploy and monitor live trading systems, build tools and testing infrastructure, and plan physical networking layouts. Your job will be to help figure out what hardware to build, how to build it, and then how to seamlessly integrate it into the existing trading environment. Skills

Profile Culture Hudson River Trading (HRT) brings a scientific approach to trading financial products. We have built one of the world's most sophisticated computing environments for research and development. Our researchers are at the forefront of innovation in the world of algorithmic trading. At HRT we welcome a variety of expertise: mathematics and computer science, physics and engineering, media and tech. We’re a community of self-starters who are motivated by the excitement of being at the cutting edge of automation in every part of our organization—from trading, to business operations, to recruiting and beyond. We value openness and transparency, and celebrate great ideas from HRT veterans and new hires alike. At HRT we’re friends and colleagues – whether we are sharing a meal, playing the latest board game, or writing elegant code. We embrace a culture of togetherness that extends far beyond the walls of our office.Feel like you belong at HRT? Our goal is to find the best people and bring them together to do great work in a place where everyone is valued. HRT is proud of our diverse staff; we have offices all over the globe and benefit from our varied and unique perspectives. HRT is an equal opportunity employer; so whoever you are we’d love to get to know you.